Pages From the Family Album

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One of the attributes which attracts clients to my Deep Esalen bodywork is a unique combination of massage moves which I custom-tailor to a client’s needs and desires.

My offering is one-of-a-kind. Common feedback I receive is, “I have never had a therapist do that before!” What the receiver surely doesn’t know is that most of my signature moves come from delights and insights I’ve experienced receiving massages at my massage school in Tucson, Arizona, doing trades with mentors and colleagues, and in massages I paid for in the name of research and personal rejuvenation.

My mind has always been very good at visual memorization, and attaching a felt sense to the memory. When I perform a unique move, I often remember fondly the person who showed me,
or the situation which forged the offering. I liken sharing these moves with delighted clients to illuminating a family picture album in my mind. Not a massage I give goes by without these
memories and feelings flooding my being.

The next several weeks’ blog postings will highlight people, places, situations and the massage moves inextricably linked to them. I hope you enjoy reading about the “gifts” I’ve received over
my twenty-plus-year massage career, and the attendant guide within to decoding the wonderful massages you receive from me. It has been quite a journey!

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Ezekiel O'BrienPages From the Family Album