Outcalls Only

 by Ezekiel O'Brien in Life, Massage

For the past eight years, I have offered outcalls only. An outcall is when I bring my table, table-warmer, sheets and lotion to your home or hotel room to offer a quality deep tissue massage. This offering suits my lifestyle of hiking and skiing, and affords me the ability and excuse to travel to resorts and trailheads.

I have had a massage office for the majority of my 23-year bodywork career, and now as an in-home practitioner it is nice to not have to pay off the massage space on a monthly basis. I also want to offer “my massage,” not “a massage.” The cost of travel to a massage connoisseur’s home is a premium that is worth more than twice a studio massage, so it tends to direct clients towards me who can discern the fine qualities of my offering.

The best way to book is to send a thoughtful, detailed text or email to me. I look forward to working with you in your space.

Ezekiel O'BrienOutcalls Only