Observing the Unnerving

 by Ezekiel O'Brien in Life, Travel

That’s a wrap for the 2021/2022 ski season. Last week, I visited Snowbasin near Ogden, Utah to put the finishing touches on a 40-day ski season. As weather forecasters predicted, it was a low-tide year with the La Niña weather pattern keeping the snow totals low. However, I still had lots of fun.

I took outcall Esalen massage and ski trips to New Mexico, Utah, Oregon and California. I reconnected with recurring clients and made new connections too. As a TBI and brain disease survivor, skiing is my favorite form of therapy. The movement, planning and coordination is the best physical therapy I have found for my brain’s recovery.

One of the interesting things about brain damage is you can actually feel yourself thinking about things that previously would have been automatic. A month ago, I remember climbing down a rock cliff to access some side-country on a steep mammoth Mountain slope known as “Dragon’s Tail.”

I clipped into my binding, made one turn, clipped something and started to tumble. Immediately I thought, “Oh, you’ve got to self-arrest.” I dug my elbows and feet into the snow and after about 20 yards managed to stop. As a life-long skier I’ve had to perform this maneuver man times, but this was the first time I’d taken a serious tumble since my most recent seizure episode. And, the first time I’d actually had to “think” about the process of saving myself from a slide-for-life.

It is so damn interesting to watch the brain cognate. Without challenges life loses meaning. I will continue taking doses of outdoor medicine, with hiking season beginning.

I hope to connect with you in health,

Warmly Zeke

Ezekiel O'BrienObserving the Unnerving