Keep it Simple

 by Ezekiel O'Brien in Massage

Some of the simplest massage strokes feel the most complete. 

Christina Vasquez came to class excited to share a move she had formulated in her Swedish massage flow while working with practice clients. Christina, a Tucson native, was bubbly,  curious and passionate about massage therapy and sharing her excitements. Her signature  move involved starting with soft knuckles at the client’s hand gliding up the forearm, working slowly up the humerus and finally ending the trance-inducing stroke at the occiput. The whole  stroke sequence lasted a languorous 30 seconds.

I employ this simple, lovely stroke in almost every massage I give, and it’s a pleasure to  remember Christina’s sweet spirit as I wend my way up my client’s arm towards the nape of  their neck.


Ezekiel O'BrienKeep it Simple