Feedback Matters

 by Ezekiel O'Brien in Massage

Feedback matters. 

One of the best ways to get a really good massage is to tell me what feels really good. I am so experienced, dedicated and in-tune that I rarely perceive that a client feels they did not get a  good massage even if they didn’t get the session they expected, or don’t chose to rebook.

However, to maximize your bodywork session experience, a lot is in your hands, and your voice. There’s a San Francisco gym owner who is one of my current regulars and he is often saying, “Oh, that feels good” or letting out little sounds delight as the massage flows forward. After my  last wonderful session with him, I thought I’d like to share a bit about just how relaxing, complimentary and directional it is for me to hear feedback throughout the session.

Contrary to some beliefs, experienced massage therapists are not all-intuitive and we do not  know what is right for you. We guess. We have thousands of data points and hundreds of massage moves that we expertly choreograph through hunches informed by experience and what you shared in your intake, but in all honesty we’re fumbling around trying to guess what will suit you and your massage needs.

For me, when a client speaks up it’s a huge relief. During a session I typically only speak at “the  turn,” when a client turns from prone to supine and I assist their blissed-out souls to stay modest, with the level of draping they’ve chosen. The typical conversation is, “Please turn over. How’s the pressure?” “Wonderful.” 

It’s great to get such mid-session kudos. And I welcome your words and sounds throughout the session. I choose not to speak more because I don’t like to talk in general and I also want to give a client an opportunity to “Zen out.” However, I’m really open to your directional words, moans and sighs. Massage at its base level is a conversation between two souls, and words are wholeheartedly welcome and helpful to me to find what is fulfilling for you.


Ezekiel O'BrienFeedback Matters