Mammoth Lake and Bishop

The quiet side of California. Quality deep tissue massage outcall for Mammoth Lake and Bishop

The Great Northwest

In-home Esalen massage in Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; and Bend, Oregon.

Utah Time!

Experienced heartfelt Esalen massage. Outcall only. Offered in Salt Lake City and surrounds.

Hiking Ramble

Bears Ears, Santa Fe, Sedona Arizona and you if you book a quality Deep Esalen massage. Sending a comprehensive Email is the best way to get in the schedule. Looking forward to meeting you.

Leaving the Bay

Fine outcall deep tissue Bodywork. Stopes include Weed, California; Portland, Oregon; and Seattle, Washington. If this sounds right for you please send a thoughtful intake email.

Moored in the Bay

Almost fully booked but do reach out I have some spots available.

Utah Bound

Deep tissue bodywork. In-home only. Advanced booking recommended.

By The Bay

Bringing unique, creative outcall Bodywork to the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Advanced booking is highly recommended. Looking forward to working with you.

Big Island – Waipio Valley

Visiting a client whom I have had for 20 years. Fully booked hope to catch you for deep tissue massage. Aloha