Chin Out and Down

 by Ezekiel O'Brien in Life

We had moved to Taos, New Mexico during a period of personal and professional upheaval surrounding my career, and I was beginning to plan my relationship to bodywork and my public facing marketing going forward. I wanted to begin the process of building a new website that was more descriptive of my services for the public while protecting me through thorough screening of prospective clients, and one of the keys to reaching my goal of a clear and concise website was finding a good photographer who is also open-minded and professional. Also, since massage is a lot about image, a recent photo matters a great deal to establishing trust.

Via a Google search, Max Woltman, professional photographer and the yearly producer of New Mexico’s male pinup Gays of Enchantment
calendar, hit all the points I was seeking. After a few short emails spelling out our mutual intentions, we agreed to meet at a house of a friend of his for a photo shoot.

In person, Max is even more delightful than the glowing reviews you’ll find online. Humble, kind, and eager about his craft are a few adjectives that come to mind. It’s also a bonus that his
husband David is an accomplished massage therapist in Albuquerque, so that when I speak on issues I’m mulling over surrounding
massage and bodywork, I feel like he really understands.

After our first session five years ago went so well, even though my zip code has switched back to the San Francisco Bay Area I’ve faithfully made a yearly pilgrimage to get my photos with
Max in Albuquerque. As I’m decidedly an outdoorsman, we’ve met in the Bosque and at the Ellen Gallegos open space – a park nestled against the foothill of the scenic Sandia sky islands –
for our annual photo shoot.

During a professional shoot, Max has a way of engaging in pleasant banter and then clicking the shutter at just the right time to catch a descriptive, almost unposed, image. Although it’s never a goal of a professional relationship, time spent with Max feels like hanging out with an old friend, and as a bonus he makes me feel enough at ease to get some great shots.

Chin out and down,

Ezekiel O'BrienChin Out and Down