Mixing Business with Pleasure

 by Ezekiel O'Brien in Massage, Travel

The Ikon pass is a great, affordable way to get around in the winter for skiing. It offers more destinations than one could possibly ski. So far this winter, I have skied in Taos, New Mexico, Aspen, Colorado, three resorts in Utah, and of course Palisades Tahoe. Ever since I started skiing at the age of 12, I’ve been hooked.

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Ezekiel O'BrienMixing Business with Pleasure

You Had Me at “Meow”

 by Ezekiel O'Brien in Life, Massage

One of my great joys in life is cats. I appreciate their zen, the fact that if you want a relationship they need to be approached on their terms and their softness. In fact, they are a lot like my favorite massage clients.

Ezekiel O'BrienYou Had Me at “Meow”

Outcalls Only

 by Ezekiel O'Brien in Life, Massage

For the past eight years, I have offered outcalls only. An outcall is when I bring my table, table-warmer, sheets and lotion to your home or hotel room to offer a quality deep tissue massage. This offering suits my lifestyle of hiking and skiing, and affords me the ability and excuse to travel to resorts and trailheads.

Ezekiel O'BrienOutcalls Only

Warm Hands, Warm Heart

 by Ezekiel O'Brien in Life, Massage

One of the joys of spending time in a new area as a skilled massage therapist is getting to build a new practice and meet different and interesting clients. And, one of the anxieties of touching new clients as a severe traumatic brain injury survivor is that my circulation is not good and my hands are cold.

Ezekiel O'BrienWarm Hands, Warm Heart

Happy Trails to You

 by Ezekiel O'Brien in Life, Massage, Travel

One of the fun opportunities of providing deep outcall bodywork in the Tahoe area this time of year is the chance to work with Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) thru-hikers who stop over in Truckee or South Lake Tahoe for some rest and rejuvenation. The PCT is a classic thru-hike that starts at the Mexican Border

Ezekiel O'BrienHappy Trails to You

Memories of Glenn

 by Ezekiel O'Brien in Life, Massage

In the first trimester of my massage school, Mark Caffarel, the former car mechanic turned massage therapy instructor, mentioned Esalen as a magical place full of long strokes intermingled with the sounds of waves. That sounded pretty good to me as I labored through the conservative, stifling and rigorous 1,000-hour syllabus at the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts.

Ezekiel O'BrienMemories of Glenn

Keep it Simple

 by Ezekiel O'Brien in Massage

Some of the simplest massage strokes feel the most complete.  Christina Vasquez came to class excited to share a move she had formulated in her 

Ezekiel O'BrienKeep it Simple

The Power of Trigger Points

 by Ezekiel O'Brien in Massage

The year was 2000. I kept my bodywork schedule in a paper calendar and took my calls for  appointments over a Nokia flip phone. I was living on the top floor of a charming bungalow on a  hill near the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado.  My lifestyle was quite active: trail running up Mount Sanitas; lifting weights at Rally

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Ezekiel O'BrienThe Power of Trigger Points

Feedback Matters

 by Ezekiel O'Brien in Massage

Feedback matters.  One of the best ways to get a really good massage is to tell me what feels really good. I am so experienced, dedicated and in-tune that I rarely perceive that a client feels they did not get a  good massage even if they didn’t get the session they expected, or don’t chose to rebook.

Ezekiel O'BrienFeedback Matters

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